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標題: 蓮華池三號集水區濱水帶大氣、溪流及表層土壤溫度關係之探討
Investigation on Temperature Regimes of the Air, Streamflow and Top Soil Layers in the Riparian Area of the Lienhuachih No.3 Experimental Watershed
作者: Shiang-Yue Lu
Liang-Shin Hwang
Ho-Chiao Fu
關鍵字: Shiang-Yue Lu;Liang-Shin Hwang;Ho-Chiao Fu;溪流水溫;表土溫度;大氣溫度;蓮華池試驗集水區
Project: 中華水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 4, Page(s) 266-272.
本研究自 2009 年起至 2012 監測林業試驗所蓮華池研究中心三號試驗集水區濱水帶之大氣溫度、溪流水溫以及表土 5,30 與 50 公分處的溫度。獲知試驗期間該濱水帶之大氣溫度、溪流水及土壤 5、30、及50cm 深處之年均溫度分別為 19.9、19.2、20.3、20.5 及 20.8℃。全年度溫度的變化幅度由大至小依次為:大氣、5cm 深土溫、30cm 深土溫、50cm 深土溫、溪流水溫,且均呈顯著的變化。大氣溫度的日變化最為顯著,表土 5cm 深的土壤溫度次之,而 50cm 深以下的土壤溫度的日變化最大幅度僅 0.3℃,顯示深層土壤溫度幾乎無顯著日變化。本報告亦建立溪流水溫及表層 5 cm 土壤溫度與大氣溫度的相關回歸方程式。

This study recorded air, top soil layers and streamflow temperatures at the Lienhuachih No. 3 experimental watershed of the Lienhuachih Experimental Forest of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) from 2009 to 2012. The results show that the average yearly temperatures for air, streamflow, the 5cm soil layer, 30cm soil layer and 50cm soil layer during the monitoring period were: 19.9, 19.2, 20.3, 20.5 and 20.8℃, respectively. The yearly temperature changes were significant for all monitoring items and ranked in the following order: air, the 5 cm soil layer, 30 cm soil layer, 50 cm soil layer and streamflow. Air temperature had the maximum magnitude of changes within a day for all months, followed by the 5 cm top soil layer. However the maximum magnitudes of daily changes were less than 0.3℃ for soil layers deeper than 50 cm. The linear regression relationships of air temperature versus streamflow temperature and air temperature versus the temperature of the 5 cm top soil layer were also established in this report.
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