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標題: Predicting Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides in a Basin with a Water Content Index
作者: 陳振宇
Chen-Yu Chen
Masaharu Fujita
關鍵字: Landslide;prediction;water content;warning system;basin scale;崩塌;預測;水含量;警戒系統;集水區尺度
Project: 中華水土保持學報, Volume 46, Issue 1, Page(s) 7-18.

The existing sediment disaster warning systems in Taiwan and Japan are established using a rainfall index based on a statistical model. However, because of the low warning hit rate and lack of definite warning information, they are not fully trusted. This study proposes a new landslide prediction model which adopts slope units as stability analysis targets and integrates a physically-based model and multiple regression analysis as well as used water content as an index for landslide prediction in a basin. The new model not only predicts the location, occurrence time, and scale of landslides but also offers high performance calculation. Moreover, it can also estimate the rainfall-runoff on a slope. If other sediment-related models are incorporated in the new model, it can serve as the foundation for developing a multi-hazard warning system.
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