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標題: 一個無人飛行載具降落導引系統之設計
Design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Guidance System
作者: 黃國榮
Huang, Guo-Rong
關鍵字: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV);無人飛行載具;coordinate reconstruction;HITS;flight tunnel;座標重建;空中通道;飛行導引框道
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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現今無人飛行載具的應用越來越普遍,應用於各種人力所不及的方面。然而無人飛行載具用於軍事方面的造價相當昂貴,當無人飛行載具降落時,常常需要依賴有經驗的飛行員來完成。本論文的目的在於研發一套飛行導引系統,協助飛行員順利降落。首先,透過飛行模擬軟體X-Plane取得飛行時的座標,並建立一個空中通道(High way in the sky, HITS)導引無人飛行戴具飛行,最終降落至機場的跑道。



There are many applications of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), especially the high risk tasks. However, the cost of its usage for military is high, and the experienced pilot is necessary for accomplishing landing. The objective of this thesis is to design a landing guidance tunnel to help the pilot to land the UAV successfully. The coordinates of UAV such as longitude, latitude and altitude are obtained from the pace flight simulator software, X-Plane. According to the flight data, a high way in the sky (HITS) is established to guide the UAV to land on the runway.

The implementation of flight tunnel involves the data of flying path, 3-D coordinate reconstruction, imaging principle of camera and theory for similar triangles. The flight tunnel is displayed on the monitor and used to guide the UAV. We also provide a graphical user interface to let the user choose the different airports and runways.

Keywords: Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), coordinate reconstruction, HITS, flight tunnel.
其他識別: U0005-2807200914445900
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