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標題: 基於Linux之IEEE 802.16e無線路由器開發
An IEEE 802.16e Wireless Router Based on Linux
作者: 李佳明
Lee, Chia-Ming
關鍵字: BrazilFW;BrazilFW;IEEE 802.16;Linux;Router;WiMAX;Wireless Router;IEEE 802.16e;Linux;Router;WiMAX;WiMAX wireless router;路由器;無線路由器;WiMAX無線路由器
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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目前一般較為人所知的無線路由器多為採用IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi)之通訊協定,但因其傳輸距離短,傳輸頻寬也有限度所致,故主要還是使用在於家庭或是公司等小型區域空間裏。也正因為其傳輸距離不遠,所以無法將路由器的維護工作做的更為方便彈性。

IEEE802.16e (WiMAX)自1999年發展至今已將近十年多,具體實現的相關問題都已日趨穏定成型,成為另一種都會型無線廣域網路的選擇。WiMAX擁有傳輸速度及距離都較Wi-Fi規格好的特點,我們便可利用WiMAX這兩個優點來開發改進現有的無線路由器,使其成為遠距高速無線路由器。這將讓路由器的功能因距離變遠,速度變快而有更多更具彈性的使用方式。

本篇論文主要是利用以Linux為基礎的軟體路由器作業系統BrazilFW,將其安裝在x86硬體平台上,並搭載Intel WiMAX 6250無線網卡,編譯安裝該網卡的驅動程式和網卡運作時所需要的相關套件工具及執行程式,以便將現有的x86硬體平台改裝成為WiMAX無線路由器。該WiMAX無線路由器的實現將有助於路由器維護者節省佈線費用,安裝地點可以更遠更有彈性。另一方面藉由長距離無線遠端登入方式使進行路由器管理設定及維護的操作更便利。相對於現有Wi-Fi無線路由器而言,可謂增加其使用上之彈性、可靠性及穏定性。透過開源式的工具軟體與現成的硬體平台,本論文將WiMAX無線路由器的開發具體實現。

Most of wireless routers on market is adopted IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi) communication protocols. Due to its short transmission distance as well as bandwidth is limited, it is generally be used in interior spaces. Such as families or small business. For same reason, the maintenance has certain difficulty to do.

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi) communication protocols has been in development since 1999 for nearly a decade, the specific implantation issues are relatively stable gradually and turn into a new choice of urban wireless broadband network. Outstanding transmission speed and distance are two features that WiMax is better than WiFi . Based on these advantages, it can be used on better current wireless routers and make them as a long distance and high speed wireless routers. This allows router application become more flexible.

The essence of this paper is to apply Linux-based router operating system software BrazilFW on x86 hardware platform and linked by Intel WiMAX 6250 wireless card. Compiled and installed network card drivers and related needs operation kit tools. The implementation of WiMAX wireless router would assist maintainers save wiring costs, installation locations can be longer and more flexible. Router maintenance operation becomes more convenient by means of remote login. Flexibility, reliability, and stability are increased relative to the existing Wi-Fi wireless routers. By using open-source software tool and PC platform, this paper is to materialize a WiMAX wireless router.
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