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標題: Asymbiotic Seed Germination and Seedling Establishment of Liparis sootenzanensis Fukuyama (Orchidaceae)
作者: 邱翊恬
Yi-Tien Chiu
Ching-An Chiu
Chen Chang
關鍵字: Liparis sootenzanensis Fukuyama;medium;Asymbiotic seed germination;endemic;插天山羊耳蒜;培養基;無菌播種;特有種
Project: 農林學報, Volume 63, Issue 4, Page(s) 217-223.
插天山羊耳蒜為台灣特有種蘭花,零星分布於全島,也因其株型較大且優美,具發展為觀賞盆花潛力,本文進行其種苗繁殖之研究。插天山羊耳蒜具有線形種子,種子內部具有91%的氣室空間,屬於地生型羊耳蒜之特徵。插天山羊耳蒜成熟種子有胚率為93.3%,發芽率可達80%,屬於種子發育良好且易進行種子無菌播種之蘭花。成熟種子適合無菌播種於鹽類濃度為1/4 MS並添加有機物(蛋白腖、馬鈴薯粉和椰子水)和活性碳之培養基,小苗於瓶內培養時,以1/2 MS並添加有機物和活性碳之培養基可得到最高的株高、葉數、假球莖寬和根長。本研究已初步建立插天山羊耳蒜由播種至瓶內小苗培育之方法,可應用於後續之種原保存、復育和新興花卉開發之研究。

Liparis sootenzanensis Fukuyama is an endemic orchid in Taiwan and it's habitat around the islands. This species has the potential as ornamental plant in the coming future with the big flower and handsome plant sharp among the genus Liparis. In this study, we have established the in vitro seedling culture procedure. First, we observed the seed on microscope with linear morphology with 91% air space inner the seed, and considered to be a terrestrial species of Liparis. The superior quality seeds has 93.3% embryo rate and the 74.7%-80.3% seed germination rate. The mature seed sown in medium containing 1/4 MS basic salts, with organics supplement (peptone, potato powder and coconut water), activated charcoal. And the young seedlings were transferred to 1/2 MS basic salts with organics and activated charcoal to obtain best performance of plant height, leaf number, pseudobulb width and root length. This study has established reliable procedure for in vitro seed germination and seedling development of Liparis sootenzanensis Fukuyama, and could be used in germplasm preservation, repopulation and ornamental plant in the future.
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