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標題: Color, Flavor, and Texture: Which Blackberry Sensory Attribute is the Most Important to Consumers?
作者: Shang-Ho Yang
關鍵字: Blackberry;food sensory;consumption
Project: 農林學報, Volume 63, Issue 4, Page(s) 225-233.
Blackberries have received more recognition recently, compared to other berries, because of the high nutritional value and source of antioxidants. Nevertheless, regarding the important sensory attributes, such as color, flavor, and texture, consumers do not evaluate these attributes equally. This study focuses on the sensory attributes: color, flavor, texture, and overall appeal of six different blackberry cultivars, i.e., Apache, Chesapeake, Chickasaw, Kiowa, OAL-W6, and Ouachita. The attributes were measured and analyzed by a sensory examination, which was implemented by the Food Systems Innovation Center at the University of Kentucky. Results indicate that the taste and appearance of selected blackberry cultivars are different and can be distinguished based on color, flavor, and texture. Especially, flavor is considered the most important attribute in sensory examination compared to color and texture. Along with prior experiences of consuming blackberries, cooking experiences also enhance overall appeal of the taste of a blackberry.
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