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標題: 國立澎湖科技大學國際中小型風力機測試場之起源
The Origin of National Penghu University International Small-Medium Wind Turbine Test Site
作者: 吳文欽
Wun-Chin Wu
關鍵字: wind turbine;test field;power;noise;風力機;測試場;功率;噪音
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 24, Issue 2, Page(s) 93-106.

Located in the outlying islands of Penghu, summer heat, the winter strong northeast monsoon is very suitable for the development of solar photovoltaic and wind power. In recent years, due to rising oil prices, as well as awareness of environmental protection, green energy has become the industry trends, the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, people are generally concerned about the pollution problems created by the traditional power generation, clean wind energy more attention. Penghu County to promote the five-year 80 million low-carbon policies, 50% of the expected five years less carbon, green energy use by 55%. Penghu University of Science and Technology (NPU) of only one university in Penghu, of course NPU has to participate in this task. In 2006, NPU build the country's first only Wind-Park for teaching and research and industry-university cooperation. In recent years, the development of domestic small wind turbine test site, currently under test more than a dozen manufacturers, and more than 20 kinds of fan types. Due to test wind turbines which found that a considerable number of deficiencies, such as lack of power, damage to components, and so on. Also found that currently does not have a standard wind turbine test site by providing an international certification standards, to help domestic manufacturers to prepare the fan detection, increase the competitiveness of exports. NPU in Penghu innate quality of the environment to construct a Wind-Park as the actual test platform for small and medium-sized wind turbine power performance, fan measurement techniques have been developed. Central Bureau of Standards of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center to build Penghu small and medium-sized wind turbine national standard test site, the standard wind farm build system to follow the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC61400 standard. The establishment of the actual technology, including power energy measurement, noise measurement, and persistent testing three field-tested technology.
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