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標題: 太陽光電系統建置之品質問題與風險管控
Quality Control and Risk Management of Photovoltaic System Installation
作者: 林敬傑
Jay Ching-Chieh Lin
Shiny Tzu-Hsiu Chen
關鍵字: photovoltaic;PV system;quality control;risk management;太陽光電;太陽能系統;品質管控;風險管理
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 24, Issue 2, Page(s) 107-115.

Building photovoltaic systems is a very good long term investment, but the payback time of a photovoltaic system is still long, If the lifetime of the system can be more than 20 years, the return of investment is much better than other conservative investment tools. However, if the quality control and risk management is not done well, the investor could lose all the investment. For solar energy investment, Germany is the most mature market, and the risk management is more complete than other markets. This article introduces the way German investors control the system quality and risk, and we list the possible quality issues and risks, and propose suggestions to control the risk.
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