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標題: 嚴復《莊子評點》緣中西會通所析釋之「道」論
Analysis and Interpretation of the Theory of "Dao" from Blending Harmoniously and Grasping Thoroughly Sino-Western Studies in Yan Fu's Comment on Zhuang Zi
作者: 黃佳駿
Chia-Chun Huang
關鍵字: 嚴復;莊子評點;中西會通;天演論;Yan Fu;Comment on Zhuang Zi;Sino-Western Interdiciplinary Studies;Evolution and Ethics
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 49, Page(s) 109-143.

Yan Fu was a pioneer figure in introducing Western learning in late Qing Dynasty. However, Yan not only specialized in translating Western books, but also endeavored to integrate Chinese and Western academic research. His contribution of a harmonious blend and a thorough grasp of Sino-Western studies resulted in making the academic circles undergo a pleasant change of atmosphere, thus enabling the scholars to have a basis in citing Western theories. Therefore, for the immense change of academic thought in the hundreds of years from the late Qing Dynasty to the early years of the Republic of China, Yan's influence actually had special meaning. This thesis would like to expound Yan's idea of a harmonious blend and a thorough grasp of Sino-Western studies from the argumentation and thought of Yan Fu's Comment on Zhuang Zi, and make clear his academic value of a harmonious blend and a thorough grasp of Sino-Western studies.Basically, although Yan's research took Confucianism as a foundation, generally speaking, he could adopt the viewpoints of Daoism and Buddhism, and use them to expound the theories of Western studies; he thought that the argumentations of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism could be united with the partial theories and methods of Western learning; hence, we can know that Yan was not confined by the hedge between Sino studies and Western learning, and taking usable concepts to create a harmonious blend and a thorough grasp was his target. For example, his Comment on Zhuang Zi was to combine the philosophy of Zhuang Zi the Dao of Zhou Yi of Confucianism, and theory of ”evolution” and natural science of Western philosophy, with the desire to construct a special cosmology, in order to deduce all kinds of social phenomena derived under the theory of ”Dao.” Therefore, Comment on Zhuang Zi was not only a great work of Yan's by expounding his statecraft, but also a great elaboration of Yan's integrating Chinese and Western philosophy, and Yan's final objective was to mix and blend Zhuang Zi and ”evolution” of Western learning to create the ultimate theory of ”Dao” so as to further expound his theory.
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