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標題: 病患的意義—談《天河撩亂》及《丁莊夢》的家族/國族紀事與身體
The Significance of Patients: On the Family / State Chronicle and Body of "Milky Way is Dazzing" and "Dream of Ding Village"
作者: 唐毓麗
Yu-Li Tang
關鍵字: 吳繼文;閻連科;愛滋病;身體論述;國族論述;疾病書寫;Wu Jiwen;Yan Lianke;AIDS;Body Discourse;National Politics;Disease-writing
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 49, Page(s) 145-181.

Two novels, ”Milky Way is Dazzling” by Wuji Wen and ”Dream of Ding Village” by Yan Lianke focus on the specific significance of AIDS as a disease. Tackling the problem of AIDS patients by skillful combinations of the centennial epidemic with immesurable political influence, the two novels combine the natural body with the man-made body (sexual body or body of blood-donation) so as to form an inescapable tragic fate. This paper thoroughly discusses the significance of the patients in four part examines. Centering on politics and politicized body, the first part examines the construction, interference and discipline of the body by politics, discussing the complicated implication of the politicized body in terms of political theory and body discourse. The second part addresses the metaphor of AIDS and its correlation with white terror by way of a close reading of ”Milky Way is Dazzling” in which sex /venereal disease and the authoritative politics are reciprocally metonymic and are both fatally horrible things which are assumed to be tragically destined for two generations of Taiwanese. The third part discusses the metaphor of AIDS and authoritative politics with the intention to highlight the changing course and cause of AIDS into the so called collective fatal illness in mainland China by way of a close reading of ”Dream of Ding Village” in which the populace's conception of the body is changed by the power of the authoritative politics of mainland China in the course of the blood donation movement. The fourth part conclusively discusses the significance of these two novels in that they present the nation-state disaster of Taiwan and Mainland China in a tragic manner and represent an effort to reflect history and inquire into politics.
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