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標題: 水創生觀下的太歲數術-數術規律之提出及「咸池為太歲」之辨析
The Divination Regular Pattern of the Water-Genesis Conception: From the Clue of Tai-sui's Synonyms
作者: 陳峻誌
Chun-Chih Chen
關鍵字: 水創生觀;太一生水;太歲;咸池;數術;Water-Genesis Conception;Tai Yi Sheng Shui(太一生水);Tai-sui(太歲);Xian-chi(咸池);divination
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 52, Page(s) 111-146.
From Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods, the creation of the universal conception that 〞water〞, as the source of all things, has existed. Such as Kuantzu.Shui-ti said: 〞What is water? The source of all the things.〞 〞Tai Yi Sheng Shui〞 said 〞Tai Yi〞 is leading water. Xing De said: 〞Tai Yin is the source of water.〞. In these two articles, 〞Tai Yi〞 and 〞Tai Yin〞 are the synonyms of 〞Tai-sui〞. Therefore, 〞Tai-sui〞 and 〞Water worship〞 undoubtedly have a close relationship in the Qin and Han Dynasties. The author analyzes the divination system of 〞Water〞, and summarizes the divination with 〞Blend〞, 〞Cardioversion〞 and 〞Jump〞. These three kinds of rules reveal the Water-Genesis Conception and Relation to the Divination, from of various sages in the East Han Dynasty. They advocated that the 〞Xian-chi is Tai-sui〞 is the evolution of new propositions of divination; therefore, they shouldn't be regarded incorrect characters.

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