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標題: 近四十年臺灣學界研究清儒義理思想舉要論述
The Academic Thought Would be Lifted and Commented to Study Qing Dynasty of the Academia in Taiwan in the Past 40 Years
作者: 陳治維
Chih-Wei Chen
關鍵字: 清代儒學;乾嘉義理學;揚州學派;理;氣;Academy of Qing Dynasty;New Confucianism of Qing Dynasty;Texture;Qi
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 52, Page(s) 177-224.
Academic thought had a unique aspect in the history of China's academic thought during the Qing Dynasty, though influenced by Liang Qichao, et al. academy of Qing Dynasty of judgment, scholars pay close attention to the analysis of Song MingLi studies for a long time, therefore special and objective research is less likely to the academic thought of clear Confucianism. But this phenomenon has changed gradually. I enumerate Taiwanese scholars that study academic thought to represent articles mainly in the Qing Dynasty over the past 40 years, it is through analysis of these articles one can from distinct areas including: The value of academy of the Qing Dynasty in that no matter one agrees or disagrees, the ones that can be confirmed were: Had its height of paying attention to the thought of justice in the Qing Dynasty, and placed oneself in the Confucianists' spirit, developed another set and different ideological system of Neo-Confucianism. Clear Confucianism this build new justice happened to construct cut train of thought is to should propose and put on ring, academic intellectual history one of China, coming, studying objectively.

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