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標題: 《楚昭王疎者下船》之版本異文研究
The Research about Different Texts in Versions of 〞The Most Estranged People of King Shu-chu Must Be〞
作者: 陳富容
Fu-Jung Chen
關鍵字: 元雜劇;元刊本;脈望館鈔校內府本;元曲選;改編;Yuan zaju;the librettos that published in Yuan Dynasty;the librettos that played in palace at Ming Dynasty;The anthology of Yuan zaju;different text
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 52, Page(s) 225-251.
The differences among editions of 〞The Most Estranged People of King Shu-Chu Must Be Disembarked〞 are great. The texts in three versions that were saved integrally, whether between the librettos that published in Yuan Dynasty with the librettos that played in the palace during the Ming Dynasty, or between the librettos that played in the palace during the Ming Dynasty with The Anthology of Yuan Zaju, revealed the editors' different considerations of adaptations. These differences generally appear in the plot, characters, roles, pomps, texts of song, or the use of languages when spoken, that revealed explicitly or implicitly the relationship between the version with the author, the version with time, and the version with the audience, showing the author's unique concepts about plays. These three versions are the best examples of adaptation to observe the different stages of Yuan Zaju. Overall, in addition to the librettos that were published in Yuan Dynasty, and close to the original, it displays the personal concepts of drama. The adaptations of the librettos that played in the palace during the Ming Dynasty, tended to express popular, lively, and successful, supposed to be performed to fit the court, and the ornamental attitude of nobility. Those adaptations of the anthology of Yuan Zaju, were supposed to make a libretto that is much more reasonable completed and literarier, that would be suitable for reading.

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