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標題: 科舉、婚姻、人際網絡-北宋士人家族之起家與婚姻取向
Imperial Examination, Marriage, Social Network: The Literati Families in Northern Song Dynasty and Their Building-up Families and Marriage Orientation
作者: 郭玲妦
Ling-Feng Kuo
關鍵字: 士人家族;科舉;士族婚姻;人際網絡;literati family;imperial examination;literati marriage;interpersonal networks
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 52, Page(s) 253-289.
Under the changes of the social status flow and class structure, caused by the imperial examination, the literati families of the Northern Song Dynasty all bothered thinking about how to look through the effective implementation of strategies to revive families. This paper points out the strength of the goodness of cultural education within families to overbear the battle of imperial examination and win the official career without a break strength. On the other hand, marriage concluded by interpersonal networks provides literati family outward expansion capabilities and an effective strategy to enhance the family situation, and it is also the manifestation of power redistribution in the literati bureaucrats. What's more, the historical data shows that some arguments, based upon Zheng Qiao's 〞Tong Zhi. Briefing of literati families〞, states that marriages in the Northern Song Dynasty did not attach the importance to the ancestry, but only on money; which seemed to simplify marital problems. As a matter of fact, before the imperial examinations and after and officialdom course change, on the orientation of the Northern Song literati family and marriage had different considerations, and these are the focus of this paper.

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