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標題: 論張煒創作的地方意識及其文學建構
On the Sense of Place and Literary Construction in Zhang Wei's Works
作者: Bei Liu
關鍵字: Zhang Wei;sense of place;Qi-culture;modernity;idealism;environmental consciousness;張煒;地方意識;齊文化;現代性;理想主義;環境意識
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 53, Page(s) 41-56.
Zhang Wei(張煒) writes with a strong sense of place, particularly concerning his birthplace Jiaodong Peninsula. Inheriting the cultural tradition of Qi(齊) State, the locale is significant for its marine culture and its romantic and environentally-conscious folklore. With this cultural context in mind, Zhang Wei's idealistic writings appear both idealistic and critical of commercialism as well as urbanism. In the face of modernity's threat to locality, he perseveres on seeking where intellectuals have their spiritual rest in such a way that inspires us to preserve in our minds a resting place of our own.

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