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標題: 生命自足解困之可能解題-從《莊子‧應帝王》有關「非人」之解探究其創生價值
Life Will Find Its Way: "Non-Human" and the Value of Creativity in Zhuangzi's "The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings"
作者: Yu-Sung Wu
關鍵字: I had lost myself;Non-Human,Material Transformation;Zhuangzi;Dao;吾喪我;非人;物化;莊子;道
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 53, Page(s) 57-90.
The purpose of this paper is to find out two major transitional effects through the clarification of various commentators's views on the meaning of "non-human",(「非人」) which in Zhuangzi's "The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings"(〈應帝王〉)is the proposition "to appeal to others by benevolence" . The two major transitional effects are: (1) to transform the relationship between people and objects through "eliminating the preconceptions"; (2) to transform the relationship between people and dao through "mutual understanding". Thus I infer the core practice in the philosophy of Zhuangzi involves "material transformation" and "self-discardment", and demonstrate that the meaning of "non-human" is similar to the meaning of "creator", whence I elaborate on the root significance of "Dao". (道)Although the philosophy of Zhuangzi was derived from a historically specific sense of frustration in his generation, this paper proposes the rationality of its concern for individuals instead as collective solution, and examines the value of creativity through the displacement of context; hence, it is proven: life will find its own way.

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