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標題: 從萬物有靈到聖王崇拜-臺灣三官信仰流變之探析
From Animism to Sage Kings Worship: The Rheology of Taoism Three Divine Officials Worship in Taiwan
作者: Chien-Te Li
關鍵字: Three Divine Officials;Three yuan;Effects of the novel;Taoism;Baojuan;三官;三元;小說之教;道教;寶卷
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 53, Page(s) 167-192.
The Three Divine Officials(三官大帝)worship was originated by Zhengyi (正一)Taoist sect in Han Dynasty. From Han to Ming Dynasty, several Taoist sects, including Lingbao(靈寶), Shangqing(上清), Louguan(樓觀)and Quanzhen(全真), all received Three Divine Officials worship. However, because the new secret religion in the Ming Dynasty was adapted for Three Divine Officials, this worship underwent significant changes, thereby affecting the perception of contemporary Taiwanese about Three Divine Officials. This paper uses documentary research. First, I research the rheology of Three Divine Officials from the Han Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, and advance the view that "Zhengyi rather originated and Lingbao contributed to the development of Three Divine Officials." Second, I analyze the history books, Taoist classics, literary sketches, stories written during Ming to Qing Dynasty that mention Three Divine Officials. There are seven views about Three Divine Officials from Ming to Qing Dynasty. Through the above steps, I think that the reader can see the phenomenon of several Taoism temples name Three Divine Officials as Yao(堯), Shun(舜)and Yu(禹), can be interpreted as great men worship in Taiwan, but the essence is still affected by this Fantasy Story "Ancient gods Yan Yi" which was written by the new secret folk religion in early Qing Dynasty.

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