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標題: 台中大坑地區地下水資源調查及分佈之研究
A Study of groundwater investigation and distribution assessment in Taichung Da-Keng area
作者: Huang-Yu Chen
Jack D. Cheng
Ging-Xiao Huang
Ben Kang Chen
關鍵字: groundwater;drainage;Resistivity Imaging;地下水;湧水;地電阻
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 44, Issue 4, Page(s) 313-340.
In Dakeng area of Taichung City, geological structure and surface weathering often cause landslides of varying sizes during heavy rainfall periods. Some locations in Dakeng were designated by responsible authorities as potential landslide sites area due to abundant groundwater.
To reduce the danger of landslide occurrence due to high groundwater, this study assessed the suitabilities of removing extra water in the ground for use elsewhere downslope to improve agriculture water supply in this area.
This study collect terrain, landform and geological data at 5 study sites in theDakeng area. Geological logging, resistance physical detection and field check were used to investigate the suitabilities of these 5 sites. The results show that among these 5 sites, 3(#1, #2, #4) were suitable because their geological and topographical conditions are favorable to high groundwater storage.

本研究蒐集5 處示範區之地形、地層及地質資料並利用包括地質鑽探、地電阻地球物理探測及現場調查等以瞭解五處調查區地下水源利用之可行性。
根據調查結果,在五處示範區中,3 處地點(第一、第二及第四示範區)其地形及地質條件具有蘊藏地下水資源之可行性。
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