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標題: 無流量觀測資料區洪流量推估之探討以彰化洋子厝溪區域排水為例
Study on Peak flow ertimation for observations District flood flow estimating for example, Changhua Yangs Tsuo Creek Regional Drainage
作者: Wen-Fu Chen
Xiu-Fang Lin
Yung-Chau Chen
關鍵字: region drainage;watershed land use;SCS curve number value method;區域排水;集水區土地利用;SCS 曲線值法
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 44, Issue 4, Page(s) 361-380.
Discharge of a regional drainage system is affected by the characteristics of storm, land use condition of the watershed, rainfall catch capacity of the drainage system, topography, the water level of the stream channel, soil property and any other factors.
Most of the regional drainage systems were governed by local government and the flow observation stations set by hydraulic community of central government are far away from the drainage. The observation data could not be utilized directly to evaluate the peak flow. The correct relation between rainfall and discharge is very hard to apply to the region drainage system Therefore,it’s very difficult to evaluate the peak flow for planning and designing.Hydrologic analysis is the key point on water management as well as flood prevention and peak flow evaluation. Rational formula and various experience formula can be used to evaluate the peak flow indirectly.
In this study, Changhua Yangs Tsuo Creek region drainage system is used as an example. American SCS Curve Number Method is applied to explore the effect of environmental characteristics of natural hydrology, human factors and the condition of watershed land use on the regional drainage flood flow. The peak flow of the study area is evaluated.The result and the experience can afford as reference on planning and designing for regional drainage system.

本研究以彰化洋仔厝溪區域排水為例,應用美國SCS 曲線值法,探討自然水文環境特性、人文因子及集水區土地利用情形對區域排水洪峰流量之影響,並推估其洪峰逕流量,所獲結果可供日後區域排水規劃設計時之參考。
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