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標題: 通用土壤流失公式(USLE)地形因子(LS)計算方式之探討
Investigation of calculation methods for LS factors in USLE
作者: Jing-Huei Liao
Li-Ling Lin
關鍵字: Soil loss;Terrain factor;Composite slope formula;土壤流失量;地形因子;複合坡公式
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 44, Issue 4, Page(s) 381-390.
The purpose of this study was to understand the influence of slope length and slope factors for estimating soil loss. The data sources are based on 20 plots for analysis. The original slope length and slope factors in 20 soil and water conservation plans were collected and then compared with different calculated methods. Under different conditions the results indicated that: (1) when the slope length is more or less than 100m and with uniform slope, which is suitable applying single slope length formula, (2) when the slope length is less than 100m with irregular slope, is also applicable to the general slope length formula, and (3) when the slope length is more than 100m and with irregular terrain, and supposed that soil on the slope more than 30% is in stable condition, the composite slope formula should be applied, which will give more reasonable LS values.

本研究目的為瞭解水土保持計畫中,地形因子(LS)對推估土壤流失量之影響。資料來源乃以20 件樣區作分析,收集樣區中之坡長及坡度因子數值作為LS 值之原始數據,針對不同條件下,再將LS 值經過重新分段計算後之數據相互比較,結果發現:1.當坡長100m 以上及100m以下且呈規則地形時,可用單一坡長公式計算,2.當坡長小於100m 以下且呈不規則地形時,亦適用一般坡長公式計算,3.當坡長大於100m 呈不規則地形時,坡度30%以上之土壤已達穩定情形狀況下,此坡長可不列入計算,適用以複合坡公式採分段計算求得較合理之LS 值。
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