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標題: 陽明山火山噴氣口鄰近土壤與內生菌根菌調查
The Study of Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil in the Yangming Mountain Fumarole Area
作者: Tzy-Chau Lin
N-Lian Zu
Yuan-Wei Li
Chiang-Her Yen
關鍵字: Yangming mountain;sulfatara formation;mycorrhiza;arbuscual mycorrhizae;陽明山;硫磺區植群;菌根;叢枝菌根菌
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 35, Issue 4, Page(s) 241-252.
陽明山地區長年在後火山作用下,形成特殊的土壤環境及獨特的硫磺區植群組成,部分區域的土壤pH值甚至僅1.9,土壤全氮為0.05%,土壤有效磷為2.63 mg kg^(-1),且為高鋁(135 mg kg^(-1))高硫(5736 mg kg^(-1))的環境,只有少數耐極酸性之植物能自然生存其間。本研究針對陽明山地區進行土壤化學性質分析及菌根菌調查,以了解該地區的菌根相。調查結果發現,叢枝菌根菌Entrophospora columbiana及Glomus clarum為硫磺噴氣口白背芒(Miscanthus sinensis var. glaber)主要的共生菌種,而隨著遠離噴泉口,植相與共生的菌種多樣性也明顯地提升,菌種種類分別為Acaulospora mellea,A. foveata,A. morrowiae,G. deserticola,G. invermaium,G. ambisporum,G. insculptum,Scutellospora rubra,S. aurigloba,S. calospora,Sclerocystis rubiformis,Gigaspora gigantea共計發現叢枝菌根菌6屬14種。

Yangming mountain area preserves particular soils environment and sulfatara formation composition in phenomena of post-volcanism all the year round. The soils of part of this place is extremely acid. Soil nitrogen, availability phosphorous, exchangeable aluminum and inorganic sulfur contents are 0.05%, 2.63 mg kg^(-1), 135 mg kg^(-1) and 5736 mg kg^(-1), respectively. There are only some acid-tolerable plant species can exist in this area. The purpose of this study is to analyze soil nutrient and investigate mycorrhizal fungi composition. We found that the main arbuscual mycorrhizae symbiosis with Miscanthus sinensis var. glaber predominant the fumarole are Entrophospora columbiana and Glomus clarum. The biodiversity of plants and fingi are increase with the distance from the fumarole, the species of mycorrhiza are Acaulospora mellea, A. foveata, A. morrowiae, G. deserticola, G. invermaium, G. ambisporum, G. insculptum, Scutellospora rubra, S. aurigloba, S. calospora, Sclerocystis rubiformis, Gigaspora gigantean. There are 14 species in 6 genus was found.
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