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標題: 木麻黃成熟林分天然下種更新的研究
Study on the Natural Regeneration by Self-Sown Seeds in Mature Casuarina spp. Stands
作者: 劉瓊霦
Chiung-Pin Liu
Bor-Hung Sheu
關鍵字: Casuarina spp.;natural regeneration;seed germination;木麻黃;天然下種更新;種子發芽
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume36, Issue 1, Page(s) 7-16.

Casuarina spp. is an important tree species of coastal forest in Taiwan. This species is more quickly senescent under the most stressful environment. The aim of this experiment is to focus on how to regeneration those aging stands by self-sown seeds. During two years study, we not only established plots in the field but also designed control treatment in the laboratory. The results we got (1) there are many seedlings in the plots where the litter was moved, and still having some healthful seedlings after two years; (2) the survival rate and growth of seedlings were affected by light. In the stand, the seedlings grown under 40% of relative light intensity can get the best height growth; (3) although the seed germination rate was not affected by soil, but the germination speed was lagged. Our results provide evidence that future Casuarina spp. regeneration could use natural regeneration by self-sown seeds, but the key point is to move ground litter in time.
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