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標題: 台灣綠色消費產業之探討-消費者對森林驗證衛生紙願付價格溢價之研究
An Analysis of Taiwan Green Consumption Industry-Consumers' Willingness to Pay Price Premiums for Forest Certified Tissues
作者: 吳俊賢
Chin-Shien Wu
Jiunn-Cheng Lin
Pei-Jung Wang
Yi-Honng Chen
Meng-Shan Wu
關鍵字: Forest certification;price premiums;WTP;森林驗證;價格溢價;願付價值
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume36, Issue 1, Page(s) 17-27.

The certification of forests and forest products gradually formed an international trend. Certified firms need to spend extra cost to determine the products from responsibly managed forestland, consequently, the willingness of consumers to buy certified products will directly affect the feasibility of forest certification. In order to understand the people's attitudes toward forest certified wood products and characteristics of consumers who willing to buy certified wood products, this study uses mailed questionnaires to investigate the respondents willing to pay price premium on certified tissues and to explore the influence factors. The results showed that the respondents were willing to pay 17.82% price premium to buy certified tissues. The respondents who consider cheap as purchase factors will pay lower price premium, however, those consider forest protection as purchase factors will pay high price premium. Furthermore, characteristics of use frequency, high income and live in urban area have positive correlation with price premiums.
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