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標題: 臺灣產鴨跖草科一新馴化植物-細梗鴨跖草
“Gibasis pellucida” (Martens & Galeotti) D.R. Hunt (Commelinaceae), A Newly Naturalized Plant in Taiwan
作者: 趙建棣
Chien-Ti Chao
Yu-Lan Huang
Si-Qian Liu
Yen-Hsueh Tseng
關鍵字: Gibasis pellucida;Commelinaceae;naturalized plant;Taiwan;鴨跖草科;細梗鴨跖草;馴化植物;臺灣
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 36, Issue 2, Page(s) 77-84.
Commelinaceae is a monocot family mainly distributed in tropical and temperate region. Several naturalized species were recorded in Taiwan these years. Recently we found a newly naturalized species-"Gibasis pellucida" (Martens & Galeotti) D.R. Hunt in Northern Taiwan. This species was native to Mexico, and introduced as ornamental plant in many countries. This is a newly naturalized species and genus for Flora of Taiwan. Line drawing, photos and distribution map were provided in this study. Finally, we revised naturalized species of Commelinaceae in Taiwan, the naturalization of them were related to ornamental activity, some species had set up large population already, especially the Tradescantia species. Thus we need pay more attention to these potentially invasive plants.

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