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標題: Hibiscus makinoi Y. Jotani & H. Ohba (Malvaceae), A New Record Plant in Taiwan
作者: 劉惠宜
Huei-Yi Liu
Chien-Ti Chao
Yen-Hsueh Tseng
關鍵字: 牧野氏山芙蓉;錦葵科;新記錄植物;臺灣;Hibiscus makinoi;Malvaceae;new record;Taiwan
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 36, Issue 3, Page(s) 171-178.
Hibiscus makinoi Y. Jotani & H. Ohba, formerly recognized as endemic to Southern Japan and Ryukyu islands, now as a newly record species distributed from seashore to 1,800 m altitude in Eastern Taiwan. This species was misidentified as H. mutabilis L. or H. taiwanensis S. Y. Hu in past decades. Hibiscus makinoi could be distinguished by the shape of epicalyx lobes and indumentum type. Distribution map, photographs, and line drawings were provided to aid identification.

近年作者等致力於臺灣產木槿屬(Hibiscus)之分類研究,經野地調查後,發現產於臺灣東部的分類群與其他原生及馴化種類有異,再與文獻考證及標本比對後,確認為分布於日本南部、琉球群島的牧野氏山芙蓉(H. makinoi Y. Jotani & H. Ohba)。本種為臺灣新紀錄錦葵科(Malvaceae)植物,主要產於台灣東部之低、中海拔山麓地區、公路兩旁及海岸。因形態特徵與木芙蓉(H. mutabilis L.)與臺灣山芙蓉(H. taiwanensis S. Y. Hu)相似,經常被混淆及誤認,但本種以線形之副萼裂片與被顆粒狀星狀毛與短絨毛而有別於臺灣其他種類。本文描述其形態特徵、地理分佈及生育地環境,並提供彩色圖片、引證標本與線繪圖以資辨識。
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