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標題: Hedyotis koana Wang (Rubiceae) a Newly Recorded Plant in Taiwan
作者: 許天銓
Tian-Chuan Hsu
Zhi-Hao Chen
Shih-Wen Chung
關鍵字: 新紀錄;茜草科;台灣;分類;耳草屬;蘊璋耳草;New record;Rubiceae;Taiwan;Taxonomy;Hedyotis;Hedyotis koana
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 36, Issue 3, Page(s) 179-182.
Hedyotis, comprising about 150 species in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world and is one of the largest genera in Rubiaceae. Ten species were recorded in the 2nd edition of Flora of Taiwan. In the course of our botanical inventory, Hedyotis koana Wang, heretofore unknown in Taiwan, was collected from southern part of the island. Hedyotis koana is easily distinguished from other congeners by narrow leaves, terminal or upper axillary cyme and long flowering pedicles. In this report we provide a description, colored photographs and draw taken from the wild to aid identification.

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