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標題: Application Effects of Beneficial Soil-Borne Microorganisms on Seedling Disease and Medium Properties of Taiwan Incense Cedar and Yew Podocarpus Seedlings
作者: 陳潔音
Chieh-Yin Chen
Chiang-Her Yen
Wen-Wei Hsiao
Chieh-Ting Wang
Ya-Nan Wang
關鍵字: 臺灣肖楠;羅漢松;有益土壤微生物;苗木生長;苗期病害;Calocedrus macrolepis Kurz var. formosana (Florin);Podocarpus macrophyllus (Thunb.) Sweet var. maki;beneficial soil-borne microbes;seedling growth;seedling diseases
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 36, Issue 3, Page(s) 183-192.
Most forestry nurseries use an artificial culture medium as a matrix for nurturing seedlings. The plantation failure is usually caused by a lack of beneficial soil-borne microbes in the rhizosphere. So cultivating seedlings with multiple beneficial soil-borne microbes is an important issue in the future nursery operations.The experiments were conducted at Chitou nursery of NTU Experimental Forest. We analyze seedling disease rates, seedling growth rates, and medium properties, respectively, on Taiwan incense cedar (Calocedrus macrolepis Kurz var. formosana (Florin)) and Yew podocarpus (Podocarpus macrophyllus (Thunb.) Sweet var. maki) after applying three kinds of beneficial microorganism products. The objective of this study is to assess the effects by application of beneficial soil-borne microorganisms in the process of nursery practices, and to cultivate high quality and safe seedlings for forestation.The results of this study shown that microbial products had no significant effect on the growth of these two seedlings, but soil microbial properties of the experimental group are significantly better than those in the control group. Among the microbial products the application of the 'B' product increased the most for free nitrogenase activity. Comparison among eight treatments on Taiwan incense cedar, the phytophothora root disease rate from application of 'B' product is towards lower than the others.

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