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標題: Adhesion and Coating Performances of Waterborne Polyurethane Resins Containing Liquefied Lignin
作者: 胡銘珊
Ming-Shan Hu
Y-Ching Sung
Wen-Jau Lee
關鍵字: 木質素;水性聚胺基甲酸酯樹脂;多元醇液化木質素;膠合;塗裝;Adhesion;Coating;Lignin;Polyhydric alcohol liquefied lignin;Waterborne polyurethane resins
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 36, Issue 3, Page(s) 217-225.
In this study, dealkaline lignin was liquefied in polyethylene glycol/glycerol cosolvent with hydrochloric acid as a catalyst. The waterborne polyurethane resins (PU) were prepared with a prepolymer mixing process and part of the polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMG) was replaced with liquefied lignin (LL). The molar ratios of -OH/-OH for LL and PTMG was set as 0/10, 3/7, 4/6 and 5/5. The properties of resin solution and dry film of waterborne PU resins were evaluated as well as the feasibility of using them as adhesives and coatings were investigated. The result shows that the waterborne PU resins were non-Newtonian fluids with the behavior of shear-thinning (Pseudoplastic fluid). Increasing the rate of LL in waterborne PU resins, the viscosity and the particle diameter of liquid resins, and the elastic modulus of dried films increased. However, the tensile strength and elongation at break decreased. Waterborne PU resins containing LL can be used for gluing wood to wood and wood to nonporous materials. It had the best gluing performance for that prepared with the -OH/-OH molar ratio of LL/PTMG as 4/6. All of the waterborne PU resins showed good bending resistance when used as coatings. The hardness of coatings increased, but the abrasion resistance and adhesion decreased as the rate of LL increasing.

本研究將脫鹼木質素以聚乙二醇/丙三醇混合液為溶劑,鹽酸為催化劑進行液化處理,並以此液化木質素(Liquefi ed lignin
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