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標題: 麥卡倫全方位輪式機器人之智慧型適應行動控制
Intelligent Adaptive Motion Control for Mecanum Wheeled Omnidirectional Robots
作者: 李盈儒
Li, Ying-Ru
關鍵字: Mecanum;麥卡倫;Omnidirectional;robot;intelligent;FWN;全方位;機器人;智慧型;模糊小波網路
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本篇論文針對含未知參數或參數變動之麥卡倫全方位行動機器人,發展該機器人之數學模型,進行分別設計運動學控制器,動力學控制器、智慧適應性控制器及SoPC 實現。該三種控制器皆利用倒逆步合成並透過Lyapunov 穩定定理,證明其全域漸近式的穩定。在智慧適應性控制器之設計程序中,智慧型小波網路被用來線上近似控制器中一些不確定的非線性項,可使該智慧適應性控制器在未知參數或參數變動之情況下,達成良好的運動效能。模擬結果顯示論文提出的控制方法具有可行性及有效性。

This thesis develops techniques and methodologies for modeling, intelligent adaptive motion control and SoPC implementation of a Mecanum wheeled omnidirectional mobile robot (MWOR) with unknown parameters and abrupt parameter variations. Three controllers, including kinematics, dynamic and intelligent adaptive controllers, are synthesized by backstepping and are proven globally asymptotically stable via the Lyapunov stability theory. In designing the intelligent adaptive controller, fuzzy wavelet networks are used to on-line approximate a uncertain nonlinear term of the controller, thereby achieving satisfactory motion control performance. Simulations results and experimental results are conducted which have shown the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed control methods.
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