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標題: 動詞與管轄範疇
Verbs and Governing Category Determination
作者: Horng-Ming Wu
關鍵字: Governing Category;Pronoun;Binding;管轄範疇;代名詞;約束
Project: Intergrams, Volume 1.
In this paper we will observe some binding phenomena concerning the pronoun ta 'he' in embedded subject position. We will see that some verbs in matrix position can affect the reference determination of the embedded subject pronoun. Verbs that can change the coreferential relation between the matrix subject quantifier and the pronoun pose problems for the binding theory. The main question to be raised in this investigation is why and how certain elements can work on the binding relation between NPs in a sentence. This paper will present a syntactic explanation of the changing binding effect associated with the relation between the quantificational subject and the embedded subject pronoun ta 'he'.

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