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標題: Three Dimensional Analyses on Lushan Landslide
作者: 張光宗
Kuang-Tsung Chang
Chun-Liang Lin
關鍵字: Lushan;sliding surface;Mohr-Coulomb;anisotropy;廬山;滑動面;Mohr-Coulomb 模式;Anisotropy 模式
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 3, Page(s) 779-790.
廬山溫泉邊坡數十年來每逢豪大雨就會有道路破壞等滑動跡象發生,這不僅對邊坡上的居民造成影響,更對邊坡下方從日據時代就開始發展的溫泉區造成威脅。經水保局以及中央地質調查所長時間之監測及調查後發現,此邊坡的滑動位移量於數年內累積達數公尺,可推斷為大規模岩體滑動所造成的地質災害。本研究透過 Plaxis 3D 三維有限元素分析軟體中的 Mohr-Coulomb 模式以及 Jointed Rock 模式來模擬廬山溫泉邊坡滑動面的範圍與深度,並探討本邊坡的地層分布情形。經分析後發現,使用 Mohr-Coulomb 模式,若滑動體西側的砂質板岩層(SSL1)與滑動體中的砂質板岩層(SSL2)之 c、φ 值相同,則模擬結果與現地調查狀況差異甚大,若將 SSL1 之 c 值折減至與其周圍之板岩層(SL)的 c 值相近,則模擬結果較符合現地狀況,因此可推估 SSL1 可能不存在。而在 Jointed Rock 模式中所增設的變質砂岩及板岩互層(SL/SSL),經分析後也證實異向性特性的存在,而且對滑動面的影響頗大,由此可知本邊坡之滑動深受板岩劈理的影響。

Failure of the roads on Lushan landslide area that occurs after heavy rains for the past decades not only has influence on the local habitats, but poses a grave threat to the hot spring district beneath the slope, which has developed since the Japanese Era. After a long-term monitoring and investigating by Soil and Water Conservation Bureau and Central Geological Survey, it is discovered that this slope has slid several meters in years. Thus it could be regarded as a large-scale landslide. In this study, Mohr-Coulomb model and Jointed Rock model are used to simulate the possible sliding surfaces and analyze the stratums of the slope. The results using the Mohr-Coulomb model showed that the existence of layer SSL1 is controvertible. If the cohesion(c) and the friction angle(φ) of layer SSL1 western to the sliding slope is the same as the cohesion of layer SSL2 in the sliding slope, the simulation would be very different from the field observations. If we reduce the cohesion of layer SSL1 to a value close to the value of cohesion of slates around it, the simulation is closer to our expectation. So we can assume that layer SSL1 might not exist. On the other hand, the layer SL/SSL, which is added in the Jointed Rock model later on, indicated the anisotropy characteristic does exist among slates, and it plays a very important part in the simulation.
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