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標題: 農村社區道路邊坡埤塘之空間營造
Space construction of the farm ponds adjacent to the roads in the rural communities
作者: Su-Feng Hsiao
Shih-Hua Ho
Wen-Cheng Huang
關鍵字: Climate change;farm pond;space construction;rural community;氣候變遷;埤塘;空間營造;農村社區
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 46, Issue 1, Page(s) 917-926.

Nowadays, global climate change causes extreme weather occurred frequently. How to use different varieties of water storage facilities for efficiently conserving water resources, providing enough water in drought seasons and preventing disasters in rainy seasons is the vital issue. This study focusing on the water budget analysis using meteorological data, and the spatial distribution of depression sites derived from digital elevation models were carried out at Tan-Liao rural community in Mingjian of Nantou County. A depression site adjacent to the road is selected to create the farm pond with multiple purposes of conservation, utilization, and disaster prevention in water resources. In addition to considering the watershed size of the farm pond itself, through the interception of the road, the water resources of the pond and the functionality of interception and/or storage were increased, while the potential of the slope failure was decreased. Besides, the surroundings of the pond were also examined in the viewpoint of landscape to present a planning concept which compiling life, product, ecology, water resources conservation and disaster prevention for the references of space construction of slope-land farm ponds nearby the roads in a rural community.
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