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標題: A study of screening the suitable sites for water storage in a watershed
作者: Chao-Yuan Lin
Jung-Ming Lin
Cheng-Yu Lin
關鍵字: SCS 曲線值;水源涵養;窪蓄;SCS curve number;Water storage;Depression storage
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 46, Issue 2, Page(s) 975-986.
台灣位處東亞季風氣候區,夏季常有颱風或對流雨產生高強度之暴雨,若集水區水源涵養能力差,地表逕流易集中而危及保全對象。為此,集水區能否發揮保水功能便極為重要。本研究為解決朴子溪淹水問題,以義仁橋集水區為樣區,沿其主河道掃描農地之開墾率,可篩選出 A、B、C 等3 處管理分區,配合SCS 之CN 值可知各區水源涵養之良窳情形,最後依據各管理分區之需求提出適宜之水源涵養策略。管理分區A 主要為林地,因此採用河道型漥蓄區位,由下至上將其營造為連續性滯洪壩;管理分區B 則因農地區位漸多,改採用坡地型漥蓄區位營造農塘,此方法可其兼具滯洪及灌溉功能;管理分區C 則因土壤入滲情形較佳,地表逕流多入滲為地下水,可於河道濱水區構築農塘,藉由農塘上游引水再於下游排放河道,攔蓄河道部分水資源,營造濱水區多功能之蓄水設施,暴雨時能有效減低下游洪峰流量。本研究所提之相關策略期能供管理單位作為因應氣候變遷淹水潛勢區位之參考。

Taiwan is located at the Eastern Asia Monsoon climate zone. Typhoons and/or convectional rains occur frequently and result in high intensity storms in the summer season. Once the detention facilities are shortage or soil infiltration rate become worse in a watershed due to land use, surface runoff is easily to concentrate and threaten the protected areas. Therefore, it is very important to examine the functionality of water storage for a watershed. The purpose of this study is to solve the issue of flooding in the Puzi Creek. A case study of Yizen Bridge Watershed, in which the SCS curve number was used as an index to extract the spatial distribution of the strength of water storage, and the value of watershed mean CN along the main channel was calculated using area-weighting method. Therefore, the hotspot management sites were then derived and the priority method was applied to screen the depression sites for the reference of management authorities in detention ponds placement. The results show that the areas of subzone A with the characteristics of bad condition in topography and soil, which results in poor infiltration. However, the areas are mostly covered with forest and are difficult to create the artificial water storage facilities. Detention dams are strongly recommended at the site of depression in the river channel. The areas of subzone B are mainly located at the agriculture slope land. The topographic depressions in the farmland are the suitable places to construct the farm ponds for the use of flood detention in the rainy seasons and irrigation in the dry seasons. Areas of subzone C are mainly occupied the gentle slope land with a better ability in water storage due to low CN value. Farm ponds constructed in the riparian to bypass the nearby river channel can create multifunctional wetland to effectively decrease the peak discharge in the downstream during storm events.
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