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標題: The Preliminary Study of the Selection Principle and Key Issues in Aboriginal Tribe Relocation – A Case Study of Shi-Men Tribe
作者: Bing-Huan Ku
Che-Wei Shen
Yu-Lung Tsai
關鍵字: 莫拉克颱風;部落安全;遷居地;3S 技術;Typhoon Morakot;Safety of tribes;relocation;3S technology
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 46, Issue 2, Page(s) 1001-1014.
2009 年莫拉克颱風後,災害型態由洪水或崩塌等單一形式災害,轉變為崩塌、洪水、土石流之複合災害,原住民族部落安全亦逐漸受到政府重視,在面臨極端氣候發生頻率增加情況下,核心目標應以原住部落安全為主,評估各類災害影響,除研提工程與非工程防減災措施外,甚至考量部落遷居規避災害可能性。本研究針對原住民族部落,進行部落環境勘查,建立相關致災因子及災害影響分析,輔以問卷進行居民遷居意見調查及遷居關鍵議題蒐集與剖析。本研究針對 38 處原住民族部落,經考量地質法及相關法令後,以 3S(RS/GIS/GPS) 技術建立原住民族部落遷居地安全評估分析方法與流程,研究過程中,地籍坵塊被當作一分析的基本單元,進行安全遷居地篩選原則擬定及相關問題探討,研提適宜遷居地供後續辦理遷居參考。

The type of disaster is changed from single flooding or landslide to compound disasters, which includes avalanches, floods and debris flow after Typhoon Morakot. The safety of aboriginal tribe was gradually become the concerned issue of government in recent years. Under the increasingly frequency of unpredictable extreme weather, the core of the strategic objectives should be the “aboriginal tribe safety” to evaluate all influence of disasters. In addition to strengthening the hardware and software mitigation measures, the Government should also put emphasis on the possibility of tribe relocation. For the aboriginal tribes in this study, field investigations were carried out to establish relevant hazard data and analyze disaster impact. Besides, questionnaire was implemented to understand the wishes of residents and collect the key issues for tribe relocation.
For the thirty-eight unsafe tribes, after consideration of Geology Act and related regulations, 3S (RS / GIS / GPS) technology was utilized in this study to establish aboriginal tribe safety assessment methods and processes. Cadastral block was treated as a unit for evaluation. About safety of tribes relocation , this study hope that through early land-use planning, and natural disaster avoidance measures can effectively reduce the risk of disasters. This study proposed the selection principle of aboriginal tribe relocation, selection process and considerations focus for subsequent reference.
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