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標題: The Physicochemical Property of Different Vegetation Materials with Cement and Mushroom Waste Compost for Hydroseeding
作者: Shin-Hwei Lin
Zing-Yihn Shia
Cing-Jhih Wu
Yi-Chang Chen
關鍵字: 噴植工法;基材配方;波特蘭水泥;菇類堆肥;理化性;Hydroseeding;mixed materials recipes;Portland cement;Mushroom compost;physicochemical property
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 46, Issue 2, Page(s) 1015-1028.

The application of hydroseeding allows fast planting and greening for rapidly covering landslides and reducing runoff to decrease second damage and provide basement conditions for plant growth. The application and improvement of mixed materials are continuously developed. Total 13 test recipes are selected for this study, containing four ratios of Portland cement (with mixed material dry weight ratio of 1%, 3%, 5%, and 7%), three ratios of loamy sandy soil (with mixed material volume ratio 10%, 20%, and 40%), three ratios of mushroom compost (with mixed material volume ratio 90 %, 80%, and 60%), and the check treatment of 100% mushroom compost. According to the physicochemical property analysis of various mixed materials recipes, the result shows that the prescription of 80 % mushroom compost +20% loamy sand +5% cement can effectively improve the physicochemical properties of the material which were only cultivate on mushroom compost, to increase the water retaining capacity and erosion resistance efficiency.
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