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標題: The Assessment of Landslide Displacements Using Digital Photogrammetry
作者: 林峻德
Chun-Te Lin
Kuang-Tsung Chang
關鍵字: 廬山地滑;國道三號崩塌;地表位移速率;Lushan landslide;Freeway No.3 landslide;displacement
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 47, Issue 1, Page(s) 1297-1312.
Creep usually happens on slopes before large-scale collapse. Instead of comparing remote sensing images before and after a landslide, this study, estimates the displacements and displacement rates before collapse of the Lushan landslide and the slope of Freeway No.3. Aerial photographs of different years were rectified to obtain orthophotographs to analyze the changes of displacements or displacement rates before the slope failure. The results show that the Lushan slope had a displacement of 90cm since 2006. For the slope of the Freeway No.3, the displacement rate from 2002 to 2004 was higher than that from 2004 to 2007. The sliding directions of both periods were toward southeast, and the accumulated displacement was 70 cm. However, the displacement obtained from photogrammetry is often overestimated, especially when the displacement is small.

邊坡大規模崩塌前,大多會有潛移行為。有別於一般將遙測影像用於崩塌前後的比較,本研究由目前二個國內已知案例-廬山地滑與國道三號崩塌,比對不同年份航空照片的特徵點位移向量,分析邊坡完全破壞前的潛移行為和位移速率變化。由航空攝影測量推測廬山邊坡自 2006 年以來位移已達 90 公分;國道三號邊坡 2002-2004 年間之位移速率較 2004-2007 年間大,其位移方向均約略朝東南邊滑動,且從開挖直至崩塌其位移達到 70 公分,但航照判釋會高估位移量,尤其是位移量小的時候。
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