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標題: 杉木林疏伐木綜合利用之研究(C):膠合性及樹皮萃取物、樹皮粉在膠合劑上利用之研究
Flour in Adhesives
作者: 劉正宇
Cheng-Tru Liu
Project: 興大實驗林研究報告, Volume 1, Page(s) 16-30.
In this study, it was proposed to investigate the adhesive properties of thinned trees from China-fir and the utilization of bark extractive and bark flour in adhesives . Main items of the research work in this study were summarized as below:
1. Thinned trees in different diameter from China-fir forest were extracted with hot water, alcohol-benzene, hexane and 1% sodium carbonate. Their pH values were also been determinated. After the treating of wood with above solvent respectively, wood surface were glued with UF, RF and PVAc adhesives respectively to investigate the effect of extractive and pH of wood on the properties of adhesion.
2. The bark collected from thinned trees was extracted with hot water. alcohol benzene, 1% sodium hydroxide and 1% sodium carbonate respectively. The co-condensation resin made from bark extractive and phenol or the mixture made from extractive and RF resin were used as wood adhesive.
3. Bark flour of thinned tree was added in UF, PF, RF or PVAc adhesive respectively and their effects on the gel time and bonding strength were observed.

1. 就各直是古草木材行熱水、醇一苯、己烷及 l% 碳酸鈉萃取物之定量,並測定萃取前後 pH 之變化。另將各直徑級試材表面用上述四種溶劑處理後,以 UF、RF 及 PVAc 膠行膠合,探討木材之萃取物種類、含量及 pH 對膠合力之影響。
2. 各直徑級杉本樹皮行熱水、醇一苯、1% 氫氧化鈉及 1% 碳散納立章取物定置, 並以 1% 碳酸鈉萃取物製造 RF-l% 碳酸鈉萃取物混合膠告劑、及酚-1% 碳酸鈉萃取物共縮合膠劑。
3. UF、RF 及 PVAc 膠添加各種粗細度之樹皮粉為填料行木板膠合,UF 及 PF 膠添加樹皮粉填料製造合板,並測定膠合力,探討樹皮粉作為木材膠合劑填料之可行性。
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