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標題: 杉木林疏伐木綜合利用之研究(D) 製漿造紙試驗
Studies on the Integrated Utilization of China fir from Thinning Operation (D) Experiment of Pulping and Papermaking
作者: 張豐吉
Fen-Jyi Chang
Project: 興大實驗林研究報告, Volume 1, Page(s) 31-41.
China fir is one of the most popular species both in public and private forestation, Its wood is somewhat soft and hasits limitation in some other aspects of utilization. This study was tempting to improve their economic values by means of pulp and paper making from those thinning wood. The results were summarized follows:
1. The lignin content of China fir was around 34% and its holocelluloss content was lower than other coniferous species.
2. In sulfate process, while active alkali 20% was applied, the pulp yield was 44% and its K number was 23.
3. The strength properties of sulfate pulp made from thinned wood and squirrel damaged wood were better tha n those made from local coniferous species .
4. The pulp yield from neutral sulfite process was around 80%, but its strength properties were bad.

1. 杉木之木質素含量高達 34%,而全纖維素含量較一般針草樹材為低。
2. 硫酸鹽蒸解過程中,活性碱用量 20% 時,紙漿收率為 44%,K價為 23。
3. 杉木疏伐木及鼠害木之牛皮紙漿之力學性質相當良好,較本省針草樹牛皮紙紙漿強得多。
4. 中性亞硫酸鹽半化學法之紙漿收率達 80%,但紙力差。
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