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標題: 山黃麻製漿試驗
Pulping Experiments on India-Charcoal Trema
作者: 郭蘭生
Lan-Sheng Kuo
Feng-Jyi Chang
Project: 興大實驗林研究報告, Volume 1, Page(s) 59-73.
1. Under the same amount of active alkali used, the unbleached sulfate pulp of 7 years' India-charcoal Trema has the higher pulp yield and lower kappa number than that of the 12 years'. It is advisable to use younger tree for the sulfate pulp.
2. Under the same amount of active alkali used, the screened pulp yield of sulfate uplp was higher than the soda pulp and the kappa number of sulfate pulp was lower than the soda pulp.
3 . The Ca-base sulfite pulp of better quality could be obtained by the following pulping conditions: 6% total acid, combined acid 1.5-2.0%. total cooking time at least over 8 hours.
4. The strength properties of India-charcoal Trema pulp were better than that of other hardwoods. Among the different kinds of pulp, soda and sulfate have the best strength property, followed by neutral sulfite semichemical pulp and then the sulfite pulp.
5. Comparing to the pulp strength properties of other hardwoods, neutral sulfite semi-chemical pulp had not only the higher yield (over 72%) but also the better pulp strength properties.
6. Except tear factor, the other strength properties of India-charcoal Trema bleached alkaline pulp were better than any other local-made bleached sulfate pulp and soda pulp tested.
7. Generally speaking, both pulp yield and pulp strength o f India-charcoal Trema are very high. In addition, it also has fast growth rate and short rotation. Therefore, it would be a practical and economical feasibility for paper grade.

1. 山黃麻容易蒸解,硫酸鹽紙漿收率高達 50% 以上,而卡巴價僅在 13 以下。
2. 蘇打法紙漿收率亦可達 50%,但木質含量比硝酸鹽法高出很多。
3. 酸性亞硫酸鹽法之紙紙漿收率低,且卡巴價亦較高。
4. 山黃麻紙漿之力學性質較一般樹葉樹紙漿為高,在不同製漿法中,以蘇打法及硫酸鹽法紙漿之紙力較高,中性亞硫酸鹽半化學紙漿次立,而酸性亞硫酸鹽紙漿最差。
5. 中性亞硫酸鹽法製漿,不但紙漿收單高達 72% 以上,且紙力亦超出一般闊葉樹化學紙漿水準之上。
6. 基於以上之試驗結果得知,山黃麻紙漿收率及紙力均佳,且生最快速,輸伐期短,今後可望成為本省之優且紙漿原料材。
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