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標題: 亞硫酸鹽紙漿廢液中萃取木質磺酸之研究
Studies on the Extraction of Lignosulfonic Acid from Spent Su lfite Liguor
作者: 吳金村
King-Tsuen Wu
Project: 興大實驗林研究報告, Volume 1, Page(s) 88-93.
In spent sulfite liquor (SSL), ligno sulfonic acid contained 45.15% (based on the total solid content) and then the total sugars was 12.71%.

The best condition for extraction of lignosulfonic acid from SSL were: (1) 0.4gm calcium hydroxide added per 50ml of SSL; (2) 1.2ml of sulfric acid added per 50ml of SSL; (3) one mole of dicyclohexylamine (DCHA) added per sulfonic residue. According to this condition, the yield of lignosulfonic acid could be obtained up to 88.40% and the residue of total sugars was down to 24.27%.

亞硫酸鹽廢液中,木質磺酸含量最高,而佔全固形物 41.15%,其將全醣類佔 12.71%。

抽取木質磺酸最適當條件為:(1) 每 50ml 廢液之氫氧化鈣中和量為 0.4 克;(2) 每 50ml 廢液之硫酸添加量為 1.2ml;(3) 二環已胺用量為一摩爾每硫磺根。依此條件可由廢液中抽取 88.40% 之木質磺酸,其殘留全醣為原有含量之 24.27%。
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