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標題: 三倍體葡萄胚珠培養之研究
Studies on Ovule Culture of Triploid Grapes
作者: Meng-You Tsai
Ching-Cheng Chen
關鍵字: ovule culture;triploid;grapevine;胚珠培養;三倍體;葡萄
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 2, Page(s) 11-24.
The ovules of self-pollination and reciprocal crosses between diploid `Muscat Bailey A´ and tetraploid `Kyoho´ grapes were harvested at different stages of development. The effects of different in vitro culture conditions on ovule germination rates were investigated. Ovules of `Muscat Bailey A´ grapes were harvested 9 weeks after blooming and were cultured in liquid medium at 26±1℃with photoperiod 16/8 (light/dark) hours for 37 days before cut longitudinally. The ovules were then cultured in solid medium for another 60 days and the final germination rate was 100%. The ovules of `Kyoho´ grapes were cultured in the same condition and had a germination rate of 63.3%. `Muscat Bailey A´ × `Kyoho´ ovules were harvested 7 weeks after blooming and were cultured at 26±1℃ with photoperiod 16/8 (light/dark) hours for 51days. The ovules were then cut longitudinally and incubated for another 60 days, and the final germination rate was 10%. Ovules of `Kyoho´ × `Muscat Bailey A´ were cultured in the same culture conditions and had a germination rate of 60%.

本研究以二倍體`貝利 A´與四倍體`巨峰´葡萄為材料,測試自交與相互雜交之胚珠離體培養之適當的取胚珠時間與培養條件,調查不同培養條件下之胚珠萌芽率。試驗結果顯示`貝利 A´葡萄自交胚珠在花後 9 周以液態培養基在 26±1℃ 及光周期 16/8 小時下培養 37 天後進行縱切刻傷處理,之後再以固態培養基培養 60 天後之胚珠萌芽率可達 100%,而`巨峰´葡萄在相同培養條件下之胚珠萌芽率也可達 63.3%。而以`貝利 A´葡萄為母本與`巨峰´雜交之胚珠,於花後 7 周以固態培養基在 26±1℃及光周期 16/8 小時下培養 51 天後進行縱切刻傷處理,之後繼續培養 60 天之胚珠萌芽率為 10%。而以`巨峰´葡萄為母本與`貝利 A´雜交之胚珠在相同培養條件下之胚珠萌芽率可達 60%。
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