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標題: 包裝方式對夏季番石榴果實貯藏品質之影響
Effect of Packaging Methods on Storage Quality of Guava Fruits in Summer
作者: Tzu-Hsun Wei
Huey-Ling Lin
關鍵字: Guava;Packaging;Storage;番石榴;包裝;貯藏
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 2, Page(s) 39-52.
Guava (Psidium guajava L.) is one of the tropical evergreen fruits which is vulnerable to low temperature storage because low temperature may decrease their qualities. In this experiment, different packaging methods were tested for the improvement of quality and shelf-life of guava fruits. Packaging methods were divided into two types: single fruits are begged with a polyethylene plastic bag plus an inner expanded polystyrene net sleeve individually and then put into either one- or double-layers of polyethylene plastic bag. For vacuum treatment, unwrapped individual fruits were put into a vacuum bag and then either a vacuum machine or a vacuum cleaner was used to achieve the vacuum condition. After packaging, the fruits were subjected to transport simulation by storing at 1°C for 14 days, 5°C for 7 days and then rewarming at 25°C for 3 days. Our results indicated that using vacuum cleaner to vacuum the bag caused no water-soaking core symptom or vascular browning compared with other packaging methods. No significant difference of total soluble solids, firmness, and ascorbic acid can be observed in fruits before and after vacuum treatment. Results from this study suggested that using vacuum cleaner to vacuum the bags are able to maintain the skin color, decrease water-soaking core symptom, prevent fruit decay and extend shelf-life in guava.

番石榴(Psidium guajava L.)果實屬熱帶常綠果樹,對低溫敏感,貯藏溫度過低會產生寒害,使貯藏後品質降低,失去商品價值。本試驗在貯藏時以不同方式包裝,期能改善番石榴的貯藏能力及櫥架品質。包裝分別為聚乙烯塑膠袋內襯白色舒果網外套大型單層或雙層塑膠外袋,以及真空處理(分別由吸塵器或真空包裝機將棉被袋或真空專用塑膠袋吸成真空),並模擬外銷貯運檢疫流程,將果實置於 1℃貯藏 14 天後再經 5℃貯藏 7 天並在 25℃下回溫 3 天。在貯藏過後調查果實品質,結果顯示真空處理皆無果心水浸徵狀,而利用真空包裝機之真空處理會使果皮產生較嚴重的褐化,顯示真空過程可能會對果皮產生機械傷害。其他調查項目中,如可溶性固形物、硬度、抗壞血酸在所有處理中皆無顯著差異,而吸塵器之真空處理能在回溫 25℃ 下維持果皮顏色。因此真空處理可降低貯藏後的腐爛及水浸等寒害徵狀,維持較佳的櫥架品質。
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