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標題: 開花期溫度對辣椒花粉活力之影響
Pollen Viability Affected by Temperatures during Flowering of Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
作者: Horng-Yeuan Kuo
Yu Sung
關鍵字: pepper;pollen germination;heat tolerance;辣椒;花粉發芽;耐熱性
Project: 興大園藝, Volume 38, Issue 2, Page(s) 69-82.
For selection the heat-tolerance line among 4 hot pepper lines, the plants were cultural under four growth temperatures. The effects of flowering temperatures on the pollen vigor, fruit and seed characteristics after pollination were studied. The results showed that pollen incubated on B&K solid medium with 10% sugar under 25℃ for one hour or in 0.5% TTC solution under dark condition for 15 min were both rapid test methods for pollen vigor. Line hp27 was selected to be a heat-tolerant line from four entry lines by better pollen performances (pollen germination percentage, pollen grain number per flower bud, and pollen tube length). In addition, line hp27 had good performance of pollen vigor and fruit characteristics under 25/20 and 30/25℃, although it performed well under higher temperature environment than other entry lines.

本研究四品系辣椒於四生育期溫度進行栽培以篩選辣椒耐熱品系,研究開花期溫度對花粉活力及授粉後果實及種子表現之相關研究。試驗結果顯示利用蔗糖濃度為 10%的 B&K 固體培養基,於 25℃下培養 1 小時或 0.5% TTC 溶液於 35 ℃ 黑暗環境之烘箱內 15 分鐘均能當作快速檢測花粉活力之方法。以生育期之花粉發芽率、單一花朵花粉粒數及花粉管長度等指標,從參試的四個品系中篩選出 hp27 為相對耐熱之品系,以在 25/20℃ 及 30/25℃ 下之花粉活力及授粉後果實之表現較佳。
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