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標題: Ancient Egyptian Royal Inscriptions and Ideology
作者: Shih-Wei Hsu
關鍵字: 古埃及;國王銘文;意識形態;措辭用語;形象表達;Ancient Egypt;royal inscriptions;ideology;phraseology;figurative language
Project: 興大歷史學報, Issue 28, Page(s) 1-25.
Royal Inscriptions provide most sources of the ancient Egyptian history. Through them the chronology and royal deeds can be known by the audience. There are different genres which can be regarded as royal inscriptions: labels, annals, decrees, novels and self-praises. Additionally, royal inscriptions reflect the royal ideology. The phraseology of royal inscriptions uses diverse figurative language to present the king and his relationships to the gods, people and enemies. This paper will focus firstly on the use and development of the genres and then the special phraseology of royal inscriptions which reflect its royal ideology.

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