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標題: Taiwanese Police During the Period of Japanese Colonial Rule, from the Perspective of Manga by Bing-Ding Hsu
作者: Hsiu-Mei Tsai
關鍵字: 許丙丁;巡查;漫畫;川柳;圖像;Bing-Ding
Project: 興大歷史學報, Issue 28, Page(s) 51-91.
This paper utilizes the police-themed manga published by Bing-Ding, Hsu in Taiwan Police Magazine during the period of Japanese colonial rule to study the presentation of the image of basic level police officers within Hsu's police-themed manga series in order to achieve a clearer understanding of the relationship between Hsu's police-themed manga and his career as a police officer. Bing-Ding, Hsu, who once served as a basic level police official during the period of Japanese colonial rule, a Police Sergeant, never spoke of his experience as a police officer after the Second World War. However, the results of this study reveal that the police manga drawn by Hsu portrays several scenes of the regular on-duty lives of basic level police officers handling criminal cases and interacting with ordinary citizens. Some of the manga also portray the hierarchical structure of the police department in a satirical fashion. It appears that the inspiration for his work was drawn from his experiences and observations in the course of his actual experience as a police officer. Hsu's police-themed manga could facilitate greater understanding of the circumstances of the lives of police officers during the period of Japanese colonization as well as the relationship of Taiwanese police during the time period that has been difficult to portray in the previous documentation and data.

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