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標題: 臺澳經濟外交之研究(1949-1972)-以航運為中心
Taiwan's Economic Diplomacy with Australia, 1949-1972, Especially upon the Role of Shipping
作者: Chih-Lung Lin
關鍵字: shipping;international trade;economic diplomacy;航運;經濟外交;國際貿易
Project: 興大歷史學報, Issue 29, Page(s) 93-110.
Agricultural products remain main export in Australia. The Far East is nearer to Australia than Europe and America and has become eminent market, especially the mainland China is important. Republic of China on Taiwan had promoted the trade with Australia, one of the reasons was expecting the reduction of Australian foreign relationship with the Chinese communists in Peking. However, the stagnation of trade between Taiwan and Australia followed the insufficient shipping capacities. Therefore, the ROC government had to coordinate the shipping industry for making the policy practice. This paper will take the wheat trade between Taiwan and Australia, for the effects on market from the business policy by political purposes.

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