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標題: A Relative Study of Service Quality and Consumers Loyalty for Swimming Club
作者: Hung-Jen Lo
關鍵字: 服務品質;顧客忠誠度;Service Quality;Consumers' loyalty
Project: 興大體育學刊, Volume 13, Page(s) 9-19.
The main purpose of this study was to understand relationships among the service quality and swimming club member's loyalty. The researcher of this study applied questionnaires survey, and referring to the documents relating to member's service quality and loyalty in swimming club and the chart of self-made ”Questionnaires On service quality and loyalty” as the resources of information, The research objects were 270 members in Tai-Chung city. The data was analyzed through the methods of Pearson's product moment correlation. Step-wise regression. The results of the research are five factors of service quality were factor of responsiveness, empathy, tangibles, reliability, and assurance. Loyalty has two factors. First was promotion wish, second was buy again wish. Other result, the study reveals positive correlation between service quality and swimming club member's loyalty, among high correlation with assurance. The results of this research state that service quality of member in primary unit does influence their loyalty. By the result of this study, hoped to supply the management of club an important basis for improves the service quality and increases the customers' loyalty.

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