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標題: The Design and Research of Swimming and Life-Saving Digital Information System
作者: Ming-Kun Chen
Hsin-Hung Chiang
Wu-Chin Hsieh
Tzu-Chung Pan
關鍵字: 游泳;救生;多媒體教學;規劃系統;swim;life-saving;multimedia;planning system
Project: 興大體育學刊, Volume 13, Page(s) 105-115.
This research was designed for planning a digital learning system of swimming and life-saving to solve current defects of teaching and investigate the feasibility of carrying out a multimedia video teaching. A comprehensive view of past researches, our government has advocated of swimming and life-saving while drowning accidents still happen frequently every summer. Accidental drowning is the second leading reason of death in adolescent. Besides, the fact of the ratio of teacher and student is a wide gap in a traditional swimming class causes students cannot absorb correct knowledge spontaneously when teacher demonstrates or explains actions. This research is to solve current defects of teaching and investigate the feasibility of carrying out a multimedia video teaching. Along with the progress of technology and things could change as time past, the multimedia video teaching apparently is a new trend of future teaching approach. When applying the multimedia information technology to traditional teaching method, six categorized systems are constructed as followed. Latest news system, swimming posture learning system, self-saving learning system in water, related web links, discussion boards and suggestion boxes. Users who are not only teachers but self-learners can attain the effective and correct learning through the multimedia video system.

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