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標題: The Structural Truth in Coleridge's Conversation Poems
作者: Chung-hsuan Tung
關鍵字: conversation poems;tripartite rondo structure;sandwich structure;one-life theme;structural truth
Project: Intergrams, Volume 3, Issue 2.
The conversation piece/poem is relaxed and informal in tone, but serious in subject matter. It is a pseudo-conversation. Actually, it is the poet-speaker's soliloquy aiming to tell some philosophical truth through a particular structure. Coleridge is the most successful practitioner of the genre. Analysis of his eight or so conversation poems easily reveals the fact that such poems have a 'tripartite rondo structure' or sandwich structure, with description-meditation-description or nature-man-nature or detail-truth-detail as their basic pattern of ingredients. In fact, such a structure is to intensify the Romantic theme of one life in the universe and the Romantic belief in the beneficial influence of nature on man. Such a structural truth best exemplifies the slogan of 'The form is the content' or 'Structure is truth, truth structure.'
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