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標題: Investigation of Application with Biochar on the Red Soil Properties
作者: Li-Ling Lin
Ching-Nan Hsu
Chun-Hsien Ho
關鍵字: soil amendment;biochar;water retention capacity;fertility;土壤改良劑;生物碳;保水力;保肥力
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 45, Issue 2, Page(s) 599-616.

The rainfall in Taiwan was concentrated and strong due to the location and climate. It's easily to trigger erosion because of the steep terrain. In this conditions, the nutrient minerals in soil would be eroded and transform the soil into acidic status. This study was taking the biochar as soil amendment to improve the soil characteristics. And to observe whether it could contribute to crop growth. The results shown that the water retention with high biochar concentration were higher than low concentration.
The CEC with 1% biochar was higher compared to other treatments and thus could provide more nutrient minerals for crops. The zero point of charge( 0 pH ) with high biochar concentration increased and thus made the CEC become lower than control group(0%).
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